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A character, typically in a co-op game, who's primary job is to absorb damage and prevent other teammates from being attacked by generating aggro. They often act as the leader of the group, beginning encounters and coordinating strategies.


To kill a character. This term is used most often in MMORPGs to connotate the killing of a player character, usually in world PVP, and particularly one that is lower-level or less powerful than the one doing the "ganking". I was ganked in Stranglethorne Vale by a...


A MOBA or a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, is a type of game in which two teams, typically comprised of hero characters, face off with the goal of destroying opposing defensive towers, controling the map and ultimately seizing the enemies base.


Buff is a gaming jargon used to denote beneficial effects added to almost anything in game, whether it be a reward, weapon, skill, and so on. It is usually added as an aftermath to correct certain game parameters, thereby balancing the game. It can also be used to...