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The PoE Divine Orb Rebalance in Lake of Kalandra Will Hurt the Game

Lake of Kalandra showcases a lot of updates that have changed several aspects of how the game works. Aside from introducing the Mirror of Kalandra terminals and map, one of the most significant changes is PoE Divine Orb’s take over as the premium currency in the game....

Abysmal PoE Drop Rates Has Players Quitting Lake of Kalandra

PoE's latest league, Lake of Kalanda has introduced many changes that hurt the game. Many streamers and players have noticed that the drop rates for many items, including currencies, have lowered as loot becomes scarcer. Unfortunately, this change was confirmed by GGG...

Why Tower of Fantasy is More than a Genshin Clone

Why Tower of Fantasy is More than a Genshin Clone

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. It's seen in fashion, where icons can influence what's vogue and what's not—yet plagiarism is one of the worst offenses in the intellectual property domain. Then again, that's copy-pasting things wholesale and...


A character, typically in a co-op game, who's primary job is to absorb damage and prevent other teammates from being attacked by generating aggro. They often act as the leader of the group, beginning encounters and coordinating strategies.