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We’re Totally Just Another Gaming Site

We’re Totally Just Another Gaming Site

No, we're pretty serious about just being another gaming site; we're just a bunch of dudes that sit around all day and play games. From time to time, there's a small spark of brilliance that pops out from our game-addled brains that concern stupid things about...

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Oof is an expression used when a player is killed, usually used by the player him or herself. Originated as a death sound in Roblox


Oce is a shorthand for Oceania, which includes Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.


Sweaty is a term used to describe a player that pulled an unnecessarily elaborate move to perform a certain action.


Stands for Line of Sight, the current field of vision of a particular player.


North America, an acronym typically used in game server selections.


Shorthand for Battle Royale, a subgenre where all players go up against each other until only one remains, which will be declared the winner.