World Bosses Guide for Guild Wars 2 Gold Hunters: Karka Queen

It’s time to put on your best raiding gear and armor, when you buy gw2 gold, as we walk you through another world boss guide. World bosses are powerful and mighty creatures that posses great powers. They may be found all over Tyria, terrorizing inhabitants and wreaking havoc in their wake. It is almost impossible to solo a world boss this is why they are encountered in group events. You and your friends can help make Tyria a better place by slaughtering these creatures. Battling world bosses prove to be very profitable as well because they drop extremely valuable, and sometimes rare, items that may be sold for Guild Wars 2 gold.


Karka Queen: A Background for Guild Wars 2 Gold Hunters

The Legendary Karka Queen is a world boss that may be encountered in the Southsun Cove. When her event sets off, players are given a duration of 15 minutes to reclaim a total of 4 settlements and kill the Karka Queen herself. Once all of them are controlled by the Lionguard, the Karka Queen appears ready to be engaged. She randomly spawns near Pride Point Waypoint, Kiel’s Outpost Waypoint, Steampipe Steading, or Camp Karka Waypoint.

She is known to have exceptionally high damage reduction because of the Armored effect. The stacks may only removed by throwing the Karka Eggs at her. These eggs periodically spawn in the area.

Completing this event and defeating her unlocks the Crazed Karka Queen Killer achievement.

Karka Queen: Skills and Abilities for Guild Wars 2 Gold Hunters

  • Spit – Is a projectile auto-attack that immobilizes targets for 5 seconds and transfers 1 condition.
  • Stomp – She will leap up into the air and then stomps twice in sequence upon landing, inflicting huge amount of damage and Knockdown for 2 seconds in a point-blank area of effect with each stomp.
  • Rolling Charge – The Queen leaps up and spins around, pulling all nearby enemy units into a cylindrical shape and rolling forward when she lands. This inflicts high damage and Knockdown in a point-blank area of effect every second. Additionally, she gains increased outgoing damage.

How to Defeat Karka Queen: A Strategic Guide for Guild Wars 2 Gold Hunters

Karka Queen may be found just outside Steampipe Steading. You’re going to need to throw Karka eggs on the ground at her to break down her defenses (she has 50 stacks of Heavy armored buff). These eggs may be found periodically spawning within her area. When her Heavy Armor buff is broken she will be vulnerable enough for defeat.