Blade and Soul Gold: Soulstone Plains Guide

Soulstone Plains is a new open-world pvp zone introduced when the level 50 patch hit. This is one of the many ways you can progress your character further and to farm for tons of BnS gold in the process. Below is a simple guide on how to play through this zone without exploding with too much information.

Blade and Soul Gold: Phases

The first thing you have to know is that Soulstone Plains (SSP) has three distinct phases; Capturing, Mining, and Battle.

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This first phase of Soulstone Plains is extremely easy. With two factions on the ground, they each have to “capture” the enemy base by killing the opposing faction’s named NPC, akin to Ashran for those of you who’ve played WoW. As Crimson Legion, players must kill Konta and the Cerulean order must take down Suljun. Accomplishing this yields a Soulstone Faction Loot Box that has some very nice drops but, more importantly, it’s a great source of Moonstones for upgrade and even a Soulstone Plains key.

Whichever faction wins this initial phase will move onto the Mining Phase.


Buy Blade and Soul Gold: Mining

Winners of the previous phase have to defend drilling points located at the north and south of the map from waves of bosses. These enemy NPCs yield a lot of prestige and are objectives for certain dailies.  This is mostly a PvE oriented phase, so equip yourselves accordingly and it might be to your advantage if you have a lot of Blade and Soul gold.

Only 2 bosses should be of any real concern as they are the only ones sent out during the waves. The Hogdonny clone boss is nothing more than hit-it-until-it-dies. The second one, a Terror, is a bit of a bitch. With an insane 20m radius AoE with half a second cast time, melee characters will die a lot fighting off this boss. Not only that, but they have dozens of other insane AoEs that make it difficult for any melee class to contribute properly. The only good advice anybody can give any melee players here is to be observant as to which ranged dps has aggro and adjust accordingly to AoEs from that focal point. Also, learn to dodge.

There is still a lot more to explore here and on the next article, we’ll continue on towards the last phase, Battle.