Walkthrough: Sith Warrior for SWTOR Credits Hunters – Prologue, P2

Welcome to Star Wars: The Old Republic, young Sith initiate! This guide will cover a part-by-part walkthrough of the Sith Warrior storyline for Empire players. Completionists will be given the title Legendary Player once they have successfully finished all storylines, as well as item sets, SWTOR credits, and other subscriber-exclusive rewards! Find out more in the article below.

Judge and Executioner: Sith Warrior for SWTOR Credits Hunters

After completing the mission, Arm Yourself, you will get the second Sith Warrior class mission:

Overseer Tremel has administered the second trial, one that will allow you to show your wisdom and understanding of the dark side. Your mission is to judge three prisoners in the Sith Academy jails. Meet with Jailer Knash in the Sith Academy Jails for further instructions.

Your first task is to speak to Jailer Knash. The jails are in a room in the north western corner of the Sith Academy – just follow your map. You will interrogate the three prisoners there and decide their fate.

Interrogating the Prisoners: Sith Warrior for SWTOR Credits Hunters

swtor credits solentz

(1) SOLENTZ was sent to kill an Imperial spy in the Yavin system. Throughout her torture, she will claim that she was hired anonymously. She did not know her target was an Imperial, and does not know who hired her. She doesn’t deny the charge. Your options are:

  • Execution (DARK)
  • Arm her (DARK)
  • The Empire needs assassins (LIGHT)

You can get more dark side points if you choose ‘the Empire needs assassins’.

(2) DEVOTEK was once a valued Sith champion, until he botched an important mission and caused a thousand Imperial deaths. He requests for a trial by combat. Your options are:

devotek swtor credits

  • Jailer, give him a sword (DARK)
  • Continue to rot (LIGHT)
  • No, you die (DARK)

The best choice for this is to simply kill him.

brehg swtor credits(3) BREHG is suspected of supplying forged documents to Republic agents. He maintains his innocence despite being severely tortured. He claims to have been set up. He did some time in a Republic jail for Forgery, so he thinks he was the perfect candidate to implicate in this, even though he claims not to have committed any crimes since getting out of the Republic jail.

Your options are:

  • Leave him in chains (DARK)
  • Set him Free (LIGHT)
  • Bleed him until he relents (DARK)

If you’re aiming to get the most dark side points, bleed him until he relents. Sounds harsh considering he’s more likely to be innocent, but you chose the dark side – might as well play the part (lol).

Finishing Up: Sith Warrior for SWTOR Credits Hunters

After you finish with the prisoners, head back to Overseer Tremel to see what he thinks of your choices. After commending you (or not) for your evil choices, he will then instruct you to your next trial. Make sure to stack up on some med packs with SWTOR credits through the medical assistance droids as this will be rather challenging.