TERA Gold: Speed Leveling Guide! – Level 1-20

TERA Gold: Level 1-14 –  Various Methods

Start off however you like; there is nothing at this range that is significant enough to merit any real attention. It doesn’t matter how you do it so long as you like doing it.

Level14-23 Location


But TERA Gold: Level 14-17 Devan Mobs


Northwest of Lumbertown is Bulwark Camp located in Oblivion Woods. Further west from that area is a thicket of Devan Mobs that respawn quickly and provide a great amount of XP. Remember that this spot is extremely popular so expect many others to be farming there as well. Fortunately, the Lumbertown Area has a lot of channels to choose from.

TERA Gold: Level 17-20 – More Devans

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Further northwest is the Vanguard Outpost and northeast of that is another forest of Devan mobs for you to destroy. The spot is easily found near the NPC hiding behind the bushes. He gives a couple of quests that can be done in conjunction while farming the mobs. This spot also has a boss that gives a lot of XP for every kill and drops a Hunter’s Boon buff that gives 3% more XP for the next 3 minutes with other kills, and it respawns within a minute and a half of its death.

Level 17-20 Alt Locations

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South of Crescentia, at the eastern end of Valley of Titans, almost opposite of Echo Ranch, there is a large Gutrend encampment that hold nice clumps of fast-respawning Gutrend mobs at level 19. Head for this area if it so happens that the Devan mob spots are overrun by gunners or if you merely want a change of scenery.

TERA Gold: Breakpoint

Here, at level 20, you can choose to level further by mob grinding or you can opt to do the Bastion of Lok, the first dungeon TERA has to offer. I suggest that you keep yourself queued for the dungeon because it can grant a VERY fast 6-7 levels, effectively bypassing the next few leveling spots. Running this dungeon will definitely quicken your pace to max level. Make sure to get all the gear you can get, especially you’re avatar weapon and +9 them if you can. Of course, always prioritize your weapon.