Rift Platinum Farming Guide for Chiffon Cloth

The Rift Platinum Chiffon Cloth Farming item guide is specifically for farming Rift Chiffon Cloth. If you are looking for where to farm a big amount of Chiffon Cloth then you are at the correct place and below are all the details you need.

rift platinum in chifon

 Farming Area of Chiffon Cloth and Rift Platinum

In Rift platinum there are specified areas where the Chiffon Cloth is available to loot. The Chiffon Cloth is usually attainable in high level mobs. Take the Kingdom of Pelladane and Take down the Air Corps Captains, Crewmen, Technicians and Wingmen, if you want more cloth drops, go to the Continent of Dusken, there are more human mobs. If you want more hides, go to the continent of Brevane, there are more beasts there. If you are an outfitter you also get a boost to cloth drops.

Taking down high level mobs for Rift Platinum Rewards

Existing Equipment must be considered before taking off to the farming area. It’s better to take first the difficulty you can take before taking the higher difficulty.  It will take time to take down those enemies if your equipment is not enough to take the higher level of difficulty. Rift platinum items are rewarding if you managed to get all the things you looted and those rewards can be used to craft new items and equipments to improve your character.