Pokemon Sun and Moon: Starter Final Evolutions Leak Confirmed

“Leaks”. In the world of geekery, this is always a hot buzzword whenever there is a much-anticipated up-and-coming movie, series, or video game, as it gives players a bit of info way before the release date. And because games requires players’ actions and decisions in order to gain an advantage, leaks for this particular geek medium are more sought after as compared to the others. So in the case of Pokemon Sun and Moon, a lot of people went crazy – maybe a little bit too much – whenever there are leaks. Among them, what is perhaps one of the most-talked about ones would be the leaked concept art of Gen 7’s starters’ final evolutions. And it looks like they’ve finally been confirmed.

As early as August – more than two months before the release date – the concept art for the final evolutions of Sun and Moon trainers’ partner Pokemon hit the worldwide web, and everyone went crazy over it. This also divided the Gen 7-waiting public into two, with one side believing that they are legit leaks, and the other saying that they are too ridiculous to believe.

At this point in time, however, it no longer matters, as the leaks have already been confirmed to be true, thanks to people being able to data mine the Sun and Moon demo that was released two days ago. What matters more now is what people think of them. And well, let’s just say that this set of starter final evolutions have garnered a wide variety of opinions, so much so that talk of Pokemon GO accounts had to take a back burner.

Pokemon: GO Read Up On The Sun and Moon Starters


For Rowlet’s final evolution, we get an owl archer. It’s a really cool and original design, as there has been ninja Pokemon, brawler Pokemon, and even a beam-lifting guy Pokemon, but not an archer Pokemon. And because of its particular posing in one of the sketches, one can only speculate if it will have an arrow-based signature move, the same way Greninja had Water Shuriken.


Fire-type lovers, however, are disappointed with Litten’s last form. Because for the seventh time in the history of the series, the fire-type starter will be a biped. The design itself, on the other hand, got people debating. Some say it’s cool because there’s going to be a new wrestler in the game other than Hawlucha, while some say it’s a bit too over-the-top. And as for the typing, not even the datamine tells what it is, but it’s speculated to be Fire-Dark type – a change from the tried-and-tested (and tired) Fire-Fighting type that went on for three Gens.


Last but definitely not least would be the mermaid-like final evolution of Popplio. The circus seal Pokemon got a lot of bashing for its looks. But despite most fans calling it ugly, it does have its charms, thus the reason why a good chunk of players defends its looks. In a way, they were right for doing so, because the final form is a cross between a seal and a water goddess. It’s just beautiful. Some people, however, accuse it of trying to appeal to furries. Still, that doesn’t take away how feminine and elegant this Pokemon is, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a lot of players will go for Popplio now, regardless of what they think about its looks.

With the leaks confirmed, trainers are now going to find it much easier to decide which starter for Sun and Moon they’re going to go with – if they’re going to go by looks alone, that is.