Pokemon Sun and Moon: Alola Lot Of Love

Thanks to Pokemon GO, the world has become as crazy with the eponymous critters as it was two decades ago. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect, as the hype the app has generated will hopefully pave the way for the up and coming main Pokemon game: Pokemon Sun and Moon, making up Generation 7 of the long-running game-franchise. So, what’s in Pokemon Sun and Moon for Pokemon trainers as well as Pokemon GO account owners? A whole lot. Or could you say…A-lo-la?

Aloha, Alola Archi-Poke-Pelago


Once again, kids of all ages will be hitting the routes and wonderful places across the land, catching and training super-powered animal-like beings to help them emerge victorious in battles, becoming champion, and taking part in the deep and exciting competitive scene. And this time around, with Pokemon Sun and Moon being an entirely new Generation, all these content Poke-fans will be sinking their fangs into will be served on a brand new region: Alola.

From the name alone, it’s easy to see that the region is based on Hawaiian aesthetics, culture, and geography – a tropical, Polynesian take on the game that is very much welcome after Japanese, American, and French inspirations. This also means that for the first time, Pokemon will be having a chiefly archipelagic setting, a refreshing departure from the usual big single landmass structure. And aside from its look, feel, and terrain, Alola has so many other new things to offer.


Alolan Starters Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio



Tapu Koko in action

First and foremost would be the new Pokemon, whose designs and play style are heavily influenced by the game’s setting and theme. The starters will be the cutie barn owl Rowlet (Grass), the fiery feline Litten (Fire), and the zany sea lion Popplio (Water). And as for respective exclusive poster legendaries for Sun and Moon, we have Solgaleo and Lunala (refer to cover photo). The other new Pokemon are also as interesting and well-designed, and what makes Alolan Pokemon truly unique is that they are truly representative of the game’s tropical, Pacific Islander vibe. Take Tapu Koko, for example, an Electric/Fairy legendary Pokemon that serves as one of Alola’s guardians, its looks and moves are very faithful to the aesthetics and mythos of the region. This guardian deity is just one of the many Pokemon that are truly Alolan in name and spirit, so look forward to meeting the others.

New Forms and Features


Aside from the new Pokemon, Sun and Moon will be showcasing a few old ones. But rather than simply including them, the game will give select Gen I Pokemon a new lease on life with Alola forms. It’s essentially the same Pokemon, just with a different design and typing. To name a few, we’ll have Exeggutor, whose Alola form is Grass/Dragon; Raichu, which is Electric/Psychic; and Marowak, which is Ghost/Fire. But now with Alola forms, what’s going to happen to the Kanto natives they’re based on? Nothing, as the Alola variants will not replace the original forms; they will simply be a version of the latter that have slightly different looks and typing.


As for in-game features, Pokemon Sun and Moon will be adding new ones that have never been done in the previous game before, and some of them are even rumored to completely replace tried-and-tested ones. One of those would be the Island Challenge, which are rites that players must go through in order to progress in the storyline. These ordeals require not only skill and knowledge in Pokemon battles, but also in solving puzzles and searching for items. Another is the Poke Ride, a transport system through land, air, and sea that employs Pokemon. These are just some of the new features that will make Sun and Moon a completely unique Pokemon game, so don’t get into this Gen thinking that it’s going to be the same walk in the park.

New Pokemon, new content and possibly new game format, and good old Pokemon fun, Sun and Moon is already shaping up to be a worthy and revolutionary addition to the already rich Pokemon franchise, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s going to be as much of a massive hit and a long-time success as its predecessors. The game will be hitting shelves on the 18th of November, so the wait won’t be long, and there’d be plenty of time to read on, save up, and train your Gen 6 Pokemon to have them transferred to Gen 7 later on.

And oh, before I forget, Pokemon GO accounts will be eventually tied in to Sun and Moon. It is not yet known how, but it will. Hopefully that helps.