MUT Coins: How To Get Coins Fast in MUT 16

There are a lot of ways to be successful in Madden Ultimate Team ’16. The trick would be knowing these ways and making sure you do at least one or two of them to achieve great success really quickly. The question is, what are the ways to go ahead of everyone else in Madden Ultimate Team ’16? Let us find out.

MUT Coins: Different Ways to Achieve Success

Spend Real Money

  • I first mentioned this because this is not really the “go to” option for success in Madden Ultimate Team ’16. This is viable but not everyone has this luxury. So I mentioned this first to get it out of the way but this is legit. You buy more coins for more chance to purchase those great players to put in your team. This is the easiest and fastest but of course, the most expensive. Cause, you know, we are talking about real money.


Madden Coins

Grinding Solos

  • There are solo challenges in Madden Ultimate Team ’16. You can finish all challenges here and rack up a lot of coins. You can also get some very valuable cards in solo challenges. Test your luck for those very nice cards in solo challenges. You may want to try to finish solo challenges first before competing with others for those starter players cards or again, if you are lucky, you can get great cards as your rewards in the solo challenges.

Auction / Market

  • That is why it is recommended that you do solo challenges first to collect those player cards so you can sell some of them in the market. Another thing is be a very good trader in the market. Buy some cheap good players there and resell them for a higher price. It is one of the basic tactics that many people undermine but it is really effective. You can do that over and over again until you collect a lot of coins to be able to buy those players you aim for. Buy cheap, sell expensive.

So there you have it. You have now an idea on how to earn some player cards and coins to dominate in Madden Ultimate Team ’16. Try some of them and go for glory!