LoL Boost – Champions Who Need Rework

Riot has announced recently about the latest rework – Ryze. Yes, you read it right, Ryze, they re-rework ryze. Everybody is excited on ryze’s 3rd rework. It would be re-re-rework.

Majority of league of legends players like how ryze looks and works. Suddenly, Riot announced that they are re-working ryze, again. It is time to say goodbye to Urf Ryze. R.I.P – URF ryze June 2016.

People are shouting on riot about champions they should rework. It is true; there are tons of champions out there rarely used in the LCS and solo queue. They should focus on these champions.

Of all the distractions in league of legends, the bald is still the one they noticed.

LoL Boost – Yorick

Yorick is rarely used in both LCS and solo queue. This champion is no longer in the Meta. His pokes and sustain are no longer effective against the current Meta of top lane in league of legends.

They should focus on this champion than re-working the champions that are working really fine in both solo queue and LCS.


Illaoi is the poorest champion to exist in league of legends. When she was released, players got hyped and used her a lot in solo queue. Afterwards, players junked her, never using her again. Even in the LCS, Illaio is rarely used.

Illaoi was really strong at first, but when people got to know her, she suddenly dropped like a fly touching a zap.


Urgot is a good champion in the top lane. He can bully melee champions with ease using his kit. But what is Urgot compared to Vladimir and swain? Swain is really strong pick in the top lane right now also Vladimir. With their heavy sustain they can easily snowball the game and win it. It is how lol boost expert do. They pick a champion with high win rate. It is the thing they do when they lol boosting.