LoL Account – Thoughts on Ryze Rework

LoL account users are wondering about ryze rework. Some LoL accounts users think that he is weak; some think he is way too strong which side are you?

Riot didn’t know what to do with ryze. Ryze is considered overpowered. He was recently nerfed, reducing his first skill’s damage and cooldown has been increased. Further nerfs would make this champion really weak, resulting into rework than nerf.

Ryze is pretty much the same. His first skill is still skill shot, but longer. His second skill is still the same, rooting the opponent for 1 second, but it has a certain mechanics that would make the root’s duration. The third skill is still the same, but like second skill, it has something different that would trigger additional stuff if used on a certain order.

The big deal of ryze rework is his ultimate. It is like a twisted fate’s ultimate, but area of effect, allowing ryze to teleport including his allies within the skill’s range.


LoL Account – Tremendous Map Presence

Having tremendous map presence is twisted fate’s specialty. Now that ryze also has map presence as twisted fate, this can make twisted fate useless.

Not to mention that ryze’s ultimate can teleport around the map with his team mates, all five of them, can mobilize around the map which makes ryze’s team mates to induce the same map presence whenever they are with ryze.

However, ryze’s rework is still on PBE, there should more changes soon. They could reduce the ultimate’s range or having a limit of who can go with ryze with his teleport.

Ryze is Weaker?

Desperate power being removed, ryze became more like utility than a burst champion. He is still a burst champion but not as strong as before.

We have yet to see ryze being used by professional players. So, we can’t really tell if ryze became weaker with his rework.

Final Thoughts

Ryze is the strongest mid lane champion. No mid lane champion can match his capability to burst down targets and to tank like a real wall. He is two champions in one: a tank and mage.

In conclusion, reworking ryze is the best course of action to do. Good job, Riot games!