League of Legends Accounts: LeBlanc Rework

A few weeks back, Riot has decided to include in the season update a massive revamp for Assassin champions. So to keep our readers up to speed, we will be covering this particular kind of champions for a few weeks. And for this particular post, we’ll be talking about LeBlanc. So if you have her in your League of Legends accounts, then you should definitely read this one.

Leblanc underwent a considerable rework, which made her moniker The Deceiver a lot more accurate. At the same time, because of this, there has been a bit of a change in her catch-you-by-surprise fast and tricky burst damage strategy. She still fills that role well, but it no longer plays the same as before. That’s alright though, because thanks to her new skillset, instead of being a one-trick pony, she got a new minor yet game-changing role.

League of Legends Accounts: LeBlanc’s New Skills

Like what’s been previously set, it’s the change of her skillset that has given rise to the way she’s now being played. First off is her new passive, Sigil of Malice. This skill marks enemies LeBlanc has casted a spell on. A few moments after getting marked, Sigil of Malice gets consumed and the target receives extra damage from LeBlanc’s spells. She also has a new Q, Orb of Weakness. It’s very much like her Q before, except that instead of dealing extra damage to marked targets, it breaks if it hits a target marked with Sigil of Malice, hitting nearby enemy units.

Lastly but mostly is the changes to her ultimate, Mimic. With the updated version, players can now choose which of her skills will be mimicked. And even Mimic can be “mimicked”. What it does is that it creates an illusion of LeBlanc, which casts the same spell LeBlanc casts if the illusion is near her, thus confusing enemies. It can also be cast on the map globally, letting players fake attacks, clash participations, as well as push and gank attempts.

All in all, LeBlanc has become a must-have for League of Legends accounts holders who prefer doing burst mode and tricks.