League of Legends Accounts: Free Champions This Week

A new week means a new batch of free heroes for summoners to choose from. And for this week, here are the champions that you can use in your League of Legends accounts, regardless of whether you’ve already bought them or not.

Ivern – the fresh, new green hero will be part of the roster – a good move from Riot, as this opportunity will help summoners decide whether they should purchase the Green Father or not by letting them try him out for no cost whatsoever. Because trust me; that happens, a lot.

This also could be a way to encourage those who don’t have a plan to buy Ivern in the first place. Either way, what’s important is that Ivern is free, and you should use him this week if you want a versatile support.

Blitzcrank – it’s a miracle at this point to main tank and not have Blitzcrank. So take him for a spin this week, and see if you’re going to like his simple and straightforward gameplay enough to buy him.


League of Legends Accounts: More Free Champions

Karma – Ionia’s wise leader and former pacifist has, through the years, became more and more seemingly underwhelming, even though her kit, which is both suited for offense and support, is perfectly viable. So if you want a champion that can serve two roles that doesn’t require much deviation in play style, Karma is your best choice.

Rumble – this junkyard robot-riding Yordle will eternally be an underrated and unfairly unpopular champion – true enough to his lore. Unfairly, because Rumble is actually a good tank that can take damage as well as deal it, not to mention that his skills offer much utility. So if you want to give this little guy a chance, then you have the whole week for that.

This week’s champions are a rather interesting bunch. So if any (or all) of them are not yet a part of your League of Legends accounts, then maybe this week is more than enough to make you rethink that. And hopefully, next time, you’ll no longer need for them to be free just for you to play them.