Jungle ADC for League of Legends Account Users

Over the years, people tried different picks in the jungle. At first, it is champions with sufficient health sustain could dive deep in the jungle. Second, people tried ability power champions in the jungle, surprisingly it worked, and popularized in the season 3 and season 4 world championship, picking heroes like gragas or kayle in the jungle. Third, people tried to pick attack damage carry in the jungle. They tried vayne, but unfortunately it did not work out. Vayne deals ton of damage, but it is not capable of staying long in the jungle during the early game. Finally, attack damage carries like Quinn and graves were revamped, and ‘kindred’ was launched. These newly released and reworked attack damage carries are capable of staying in the jungle for a long time, and still gank in lanes without recalling.

A Closer Look to Jungle ADC for League of Legends Account Users: Kiting

Attack damage carry junglers do not have constant source of health or massive health regeneration. They can only kite the monsters in the jungle, which allows them to deal damage without being hit by a monster. Wherein, graves’ rework allows each of his shot to knock opponents back, and allows him to hit and run. On the other hand, Quinn is capable of knocking the monsters back and deal significant amount of damage, sufficient enough to knock the monsters before it even reaches Quinn. Unlike, graves and Quinn, kindred has a direct approach of kiting. Kindred kite the monsters through multiple jumps.

A Closer Look to Jungle ADC for League of Legends Account Users: Why Jungle ADC?

Jungle ADC is part of early game composition, with the goal of snowballing the game. Graves as jungle has high burst damage that allows him to deal sufficient damage to kill an opponent in the early game.

A Closer Look to Jungle ADC for League of Legends Account Users: Composition

When going as ADC jungler, be sure that team mates are choosing champions with crowd control abilities or the team is doomed.


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