Keystone Masteries Guide for League of Legends Account Users: Ferocity

Riot has big plans for League of Legends account users this Season 2016. The Summoner’s Rift is going to witness some big plays that it has never seen before. Along with the Juggernaut and Marksman rework and new items come the new Keystone Masteries. The new Keystone Masteries were designed to create a bigger impact on different Champions which is the ultimate aim of Riot. On the previous articles we talked about Resolve and Cunning, two of the three Mastery Trees. On today’s article we will talk about the third and last: Ferocity. Read on below for more information

Season_6_FerocityFerocity Mastery Tree for League of Legends Account Users

The Ferocity Mastery Tree is one of the three Mastery branches that was introduced in the Season 2016 changes. It is the replacement of the offensive mastery tree of the previous seasons. Building this Mastery Tree is recommended for the killers and AD damage dealers. It provides powerful effects and increased damage. Champions like Master Yi, Rengar and Kha Zix will benefit well from this Mastery Tree. Ferocity focuses on offense and enhances attacks, even inflicting on hit effects.

Ferocity Keystone Masteries for League of Legends Account Users

Understanding the Keystone Masteries is vital to be able to utilize them and achieve the best results. Building the Masteries per Champion can be quite confusing. A tip we can offer is to understand the Keystone Masteries, select one that you think will best fit your Champion and build from there. Below is a list of Ferocity’s Keystone Masteries and a brief guide and information of each.

Warlord's_Bloodlust_mastery_2016Warlord’s Bloodlust

Critical strikes dealt to enemy champions heal you for 15% of the damage inflicted and grants you 20% attack speed for 4 seconds. This is recommended for Champions who rely on Crits for lethal blows. When you crit an enemy champ, you get life back and a powerful attack speed boost. This is highly recommended for Marksmen with Crit damage and Champions like Tryndamere and Yasuo.

Fervor_of_Battle_mastery_2016Fevor of the Battle

Basic attacks and spells grant you Fervor for 5 seconds and is stackable up to 10 times. Each stack of Fervor gives additional 1.32 – 8.46 (level based) bonus physical damage on-hit against enemy champions. This is recommended for Champions that spam abilities. Each attack or ability on an enemy champ increases your damage. This Keystone Mastery will fit well with Riven or Master Yi.

Deathfire_Touch_mastery_2016Deathfire Touch

When ability damage is dealt to enemy champions, a bleed is applied that deals 1 (+ 8.33% bonus AD) (+ 3.33% AP) magic damage every half-second for 3 seconds on single-target abilities, for a total of 6 (+ 50% bonus AD) (+ 20% AP) damage. This is recommended for Champions that build lots of AD or AP and do majority of damage as single spells. Additionally, this applies a burn that scales with AD and AP. This will fit Champions with damage over time, or those who spam abilities because effects will re apply.