IMVU Credits and How To Earn Them

There are a lot of ways to earn IMVU credits and a lot of them are very similar to how other social games, like Habbo, work. Below are a few ideas on how to earn a lot of IMVU credits so that you can go buy a lot of furnishings and fantastic outfits for your avatar.
None of the ideas posted below are in anyway official or thought as all completely legitimate by IMVU, but these are only ideas and opinions I’ve gathered throughout the years. From time to time, I’ll be adding more articles on the topic as new ideas flow in.

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First of all, you need to know the basics:

IMVU Credits: 2 Forms of Currency

Promotional credits: Gift credits issued to gain new users and ultimately convert them to paying customers. Promotional credits can only be use for purchasing things for yourself or for developing costs. Promotional credits can not be transferred, converted, or sold due to abuse potential. When purchasing an item with promotional credits the developer is giving you that product as a promotional item and not earning any profit.

Regular IMVU Credits: Purchased Credits backed with real currency. With Credits you may purchase for yourself, others. You may also trade, and sell purchased credits.

The Methods:

– Buy ’em! Buy credits from IMVU OR purchase from 3rd party sites for cheap IMVU credits. Sites like PlayerAuctions sell for far less than the standard price in the official site and you’ll get more bang for your buck.

– Contests are a great way to earn a lot of IMVU credits. There are a lot of like-minded folks that join contests too and, the more people that join, the bigger the prize pool. Credits aren’t the only things to win but you can also get catalog items of different sorts that you can then sell for credits.

– It’s been said that you can get credits by helping develop IMVU further. Watch out for promotions on said developing to try them out.

– Check out the Groups section of the site for opportunities to capitalize on your graphic arts or coding skills by making custom display pictures, custom layouts or product pages.

Unlike other online communities you may have been a part of IMVU’s economy is a real economy and its credits have an exchange value.IMVU’s chat client and homepages are indeed free, developer content is not. Making everything free is contrary to the independent developing program IMVU is built on.