[Street Rat] Personal Story Quests Guide for GW2 Gold Hunters Part 5.3

After the events that transpired during the previous quests, you were given two choices that will branch out accordingly. Depending on your choice, the next instance will vary—which is why for today’s article, we’ll be focusing on the fifth part of the guide which is specifically for those who chose the street rat back story. Find out more about the next set of quests when you start your game as a Human Guild Wars 2 gold hunter in the article below.

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[Street Rat] A Re-cap of the Going Undercover Quest for GW2 Gold Hunters

After you’ve gone undercover as a bandit through Countess Anise’s magic and did a few tasks here and there for the bandits, you found out their plans to poison the water in the Salma District, at the same time, where one of Two Blade Pete’s hideouts is—and that Quinn is being held captive there. You will now either decide to help Logan or save Quinn yet again in the following quests on your GW2 gold hunter account: The Greater Good and The Rescue. We will discuss both quests further below.

[Street Rat] The Greater Good Quest for GW2 Gold Hunters

The Greater Good is part of the personal story for human characters who chose the street rat biography and made the choice to stop the gang from poisoning the wells after Going Undercover. It’s advisable to prepare for this quest by stacking up on items and equipping your character with a better armor or a better weapon which you can obtain when you buy Guild Wars 2 gold. Once ready, begin the instance and Logan will join you. This is a kill-all-enemies type of mission; meaning, you have the clear continuous waves of enemies. Several Seraph will also aid you as you progress along. However, the NPCs, including Logan himself, are not very durable. They can help you by tanking most of the damage dealt by enemies. Almost all of the enemies in this mission are anti melee attackers and can prove to be very challenging. You will face multiple foes with Bonfire and Whirling Defense simultaneously, and there are a few bandits that run up and drop explosives at your location. Utilizing a ranged weapon is highly advisable because it would be easier to pick them off at a distance. Follow the marker and to the ramp, killing all the bandits while you go on your way. Keep following the path until you reach the high road, and there you will encounter Doc Howler and several waves of bandits. Dispatch them to conclude the mission.

[Street Rat] The Rescue Quest for GW2 Gold Hunters

The Rescue is the next quest if you decided to save Quinn. Again, majority is this quest is dealing with waves of thugs and bandits, which is more difficult than fighting against beasts, so make sure you’ve already equipped the best equipment you can have at this level; if not, you can always opt to buy items with cheap Guild Wars 2 gold before heading for this instance. You’ll find Quinn cowering the stables with Crusher Dan. After a cutscene, you’ll have to face Crusher Dan who will attack you with a mace. He’s pretty tough, and once you’ve defeated him, four or five bandits will show up and attack, with Quinn fighting along with you. Following that, your task will be to escort Quinn out of town. There will be three bandit thugs waiting outside, so rest up and recover your health in the stables before continuing. After the three thugs, prepare for two more fights, both with three bandits each, before you finally reach the exit. Though the bandits do not move around, they will be able to detect you at a longer than usual distance. At the town’s exit, a cutscene will play between the player character and Quinn, thus completing the quest.