[Noble] Personal Story Quests Guide for GW2 Gold Hunters Part 5.2

Succeeding the events that transpired during the previous quests, you were given two choices that will branch out accordingly. Depending on your choice, the next instance will vary—which is why for today’s article, we’ll be focusing on the fifth part of the guide which is specifically for those who chose the noble back story. Find out more about the next set of quests when you start your game as a Human Guild Wars 2 gold hunter in the article below.

gw2 gold p5.2

[Noble] A Re-cap of The Informant Quest on your GW2 Gold Hunter Account

After you’ve met up with Cin in the Altar Brook Trading Post and escorted him successfully to the Shaemoor Garrison, you will now either do one of the two quests on your GW2 gold hunter account that have branched out: Search the Premises and A Society Function. The quest Search the Premises is part of the personal story of human characters who chose the nobility background and decided to search for evidence directly in Minister Zamon’s house at the end of The Informant. Meanwhile, A Society Function focuses on an investigation of the party. We’ll discuss both further below.

[Noble] Search the Premises Quest on your GW2 Gold Hunter Account

For this quest, you need to find more evidence connecting Minister Zamon to the bandits. After you’ve stacked up on some items you may need with cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, meet Logan at Minister Zamon’s manor in Divinity’s Reach. Move through the rooms, collecting pieces of evidence here and there. You will be attacked several times, though nothing too difficult as long as you aren’t carelessly swinging your sword about or shooting arrows randomly. If the quest becomes a bit challenging for you, you can always equip yourself with a better weapon or armor when you buy Guild Wars 2 gold. Continuing on, there will be a final boss in the last room, who, upon defeat, will challenge you to find the final piece of evidence. Search the various locations in the room until you find it in one of them. Upon leaving the manor, you will be confronted by hostile Ministry Guards. Minister Zamon will appear after you have dispatched of them, and Logan will place him under arrest, thus concluding the mission.

[Noble] A Society Function Quest on your GW2 Gold Hunter Account

You will do a lot of talking during this quest. Meet Countess Anise outside the Minister’s Manor where she will instruct you to speak to everyone, in order to prove Minister Zamon’s treason. You will find Lord Faren to the right as you enter the hall, but he will ask you to help him win favor with Baroness Jasmina outside in the garden in exchange for his supporting evidence. Walk up the stairs to find Lady Madeline talking to Lord Benjamin. After their conversation, speak with Lady Madeline for another piece of evidence. Afterwards, ascend the stairs until the last floor to see Ministry Guard Reth. Talk to him and he will ask for a drink. Go downstairs and get him one from the tables or from one of the servers, and then give it to him before probing him for the final piece of evidence. Finally, return to Countess Anise near the exit and Logan will inform Minister Zamon that he is to stand trial for treason. Listed below is the order of people you will need to speak with for this quest:

  • Countess Anise
  • Lord Faren
  • Baroness Jasmina
  • Lord Faren again
  • Lady Madeline
  • Cook
  • Lady Madeline again
  • Ministry Guard Reth
  • Ministry Guard Reth again
  • Countess Anise again