Advanced Guild Wars 2 Gold Farming in the Silverwastes P1

There are a lot of guides are all over the net, such as beginners’ guide to cheap Guild Wars 2 gold farming, fast GW2 gold for returning players, advanced Guild Wars 2 gold farming, etc—but ultimately, it all depends on which method works best for you. The Silverwastes has a huge farming potential, given that you have the right methods. So, we have a proposal: for today’s article, we’ll be guiding you through one of the best farming locations in Guild Wars 2, the Silverwastes. Find out more below.

guild wars 2 gold silverwastes p1

Intro: The Silverwastes for Farming Guild Wars 2 Gold

Much like other MMORPGs, gold is vital to surviving the game environment. You can find the Silverwastes to the west of Brisbane Wildlands. There is a portal in Fort Vandal that will take you there. We suggest stacking up on recovery items when you buy Guild Wars 2 gold before heading off, so you won’t have to travel back and forth, and slow down your farming. Once you enter the area, you’ll notice that it is a map of nonstop events, with the Vine Wraith as the zone’s mega-boss. There are four forts in the Silverwastes, and each fort will be attacked by waves of enemies. In between the forts are supply caravans you should help escort as another side objective. All of the events award bandit crests, with chances for keys and shovels, among other things. If you don’t know already, with bandit crests, you can purchase more keys. You must have a lot of keys to get obsidian shards, which are buried in bandit chests. The Silverwastes is abundant in these, almost like a non-stop lootfest!

Foothold: The Silverwastes for Farming Guild Wars 2 Gold

Upon entering the Silverwastes, the first meta-event is the Foothold. Players must take and fortify the four forts in the area: Red Rock Bastion, Amber Sandfall, Blue Oasis, and Indigo Cave. Once all the forts have been captured, players must increase all their defense levels by escorting supply packs to each of the forts. During this stage, the “Defend and Protect” event and “Repair the Fort’s Walls” event will follow, until the third and highest level of defense is reached. As soon as the Pact readies its assault, indicated via a Pact Assault Preparations gauge, the event ends and all the outposts are immediately captured by Mordrem. The next meta-event, The Breach, will begin. Make sure to loot the drops for chests, shovels, and bandit crests!

The Breach: The Silverwastes for Farming Guild Wars 2 Gold

Once the next meta-event is active, five champions of Mordremoth spawn in the Silverwastes, which players will have to confront. These champions are Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold (who spawn together), and Platinum. You’ll have five minutes to defeat them all by jumping into the holes that appear within the forts. Rewards will be based on the number of champions defeated within the given time. Note that each champion has a different mechanic to beating them:

The Breach: Defeating Copper Husk for Farming Guild Wars 2 Gold

guild wars 2 gold copperThis champion has a very high defense, but is vulnerable to Condition damage.

Copper summons Mordrem Husk Offshoots which will grant it Fury and a Regeneration buff upon death. During the fight, large poison bubbles will spawn around the area and slowly move towards the center. These bubbles heal Copper if they burst anywhere near it. Burst the bubbles away from Copper to prevent the healing. At 20% of its hit points, the poison bubbles will spawn in far greater numbers, and will move towards Copper rather than the center. Kite both Copper and the Offshoots, while maintaining Copper’s distance from the bubbles.

If you’re thinking about fighting Copper through range attacks from the ledge at the entrance of the room—don’t. The ranger’s pet cannot reach the boss from the ledge, and many professions can deal a higher damage with melee weapons. Additionally, this may also cause him to reset, healing him rapidly, if nobody inside the room draws his aggro. Considering that this is a time event, of course you have to save as much time as you can to finish off the other champions within five minutes.

Keep constant poison uptime on Copper to reduce the amount of healing it receives. Skills that strip boons off of Copper are also invaluable. You may also want to utilize AoE attacks if it increases your damage output on the boss. The extra damage is more than enough to offset any potential extra healing the AoE might cause.