Grawl Farming in the Timberline Falls for GW2 Gold Hunters

While there are a lot of guides are all over the net, such as beginners’ guide to cheap Guild Wars 2 gold farming, fast GW2 gold for returning players, advanced Guild Wars 2 gold farming, etc, it all depends on what resource you are most comfortable making profit from and which methods work best for you. This guide will cover grawl farming in the Timberline Falls for GW2 gold.

gw2 gold grawl farming

Hunting Grawl for GW2 Gold

The grawl are a simian-like primitive humanoid species that once lived in Ascalon, the Blood Legion Homelands, and the Southern Shiverpeaks. There are two different locations where Guild Wars 2 gold hunters can farm the grawl in Timberline Falls, depending on where they are is determined by what stage the Oouo event is on. When the event is on the part which requires you to escort The Order, you will need to kill the grawl around the Ogduk Waypoint just west of where it says Guilty Tears on the map. If the event is on the part where you must kill Oouo, you will need to kill the grawl to the east of Guilty Tears on the map. Refer to the map below:

gw2 gold guilty tears map

Engraved Totems and Heavy Bones for GW2 Gold Hunters

When you’re killing the grawl around the Waypoint, they have a higher chance of dropping the Engraved Totems and Heavy Bones than when you have to kill them during the ‘kill Oouo’ objective. The goal of farming the grawl is to make the most out of the Engraved Totems here, as well as Heavy Bones, that you can sell for at least more than just cheap Guild Wars 2 gold. The best thing about farming here though is how valuable the Engraved Totems are. They are probably one of the most valuable Fine Crafting Materials T1 – 5 just because of how uncommon they are on the market. This is by far one of the best places to farm them followed closely by the Jotun in northwestern Timberline Falls. You will also occasionally get a Large Skull, which is a rare crafting material that sells for more than the Engraved Totems & Heavy Bones on the trade market. They also cost for a bit when you buy Guild Wars 2 gold, so it’s better to farm them on your own.

Earning More and More GW2 Gold

Though this location is generally great for lower leveled GW2 gold hunters, that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize profit here at higher levels! Being Level 80 will only make it easier for you to successfully farm here and make some decent amount of GW2 gold. Although, there are definitely many better areas you can farm at Level 80 than here. This is just good if you are tight on a bit of gold and want to have it as soon as possible.