Guide on Imprisoned Heroes for Game of War Gold Buyers

Game of war is one of the games that have unique features. Unlike other games, where it is all about training troops, attacking, and defending the base. Game of war goes beyond creating-attacking-defending; it has a feature that allows players to hold captive another player’s hero, which makes the game more interesting than other games. However, game of war seems to inefficiently execute this feature.

In this article, we are going to talk about ways on how to get a hero back instantly.

Getting the Hero Back for Game of War Gold Buyers: Hemlock

The first way is to utilize hemlock, an item that will kill the hero inside the prison, and resurrect on the base.

Using hemlock is like sacrificing the hero in order to recover it instantly.

It sounds kind of dumb to make the hero kill himself, but upon using hemlock, the hero will die, and the enemy won’t be able to rob the hero’s gems, and gears.

Getting the Hero Back for Game of War Gold Buyers: Regular Execution Times

There is regular time count when a hero is captured. The time is determined by the hero’s level and the enemy’s prison level. Basically, if the hero has higher level, the shorter the time of holding the hero. But if the enemy has higher level of prison, the soon they can execute the hero.

The enemy’s goal is to hold the hero for as long as possible because heroes play a major role on armies. As a result, the enemy will hold a hero as long as they could, especially if they are planning to attack a certain empire.

Getting the Hero Back for Game of War Gold Buyers: Instant Execution

If there is such item for recovering hero, there is also an item for executing the hero, it has no specific term, but it is commonly called as – Instant Execution.

Usually, players wait on the regular execution time, but waiting for the execution is like waiting for the enemy to rescue their hero, which makes the empire vulnerable.


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