Evoker Class: Destructive Spells for Devilian Gold

A mage with unmatched mastery over the elements, the Evoker strikes fear into entire armies. What she lacks in durability, she makes up for with a terrifying array of area attacks and debuffs that stop foes from ever reaching her.

devilian gold hunting with evoker

Feared and respected for her magical prowess, the Evoker is capable of manipulating the elements to any ends she desires, from unleashing bolts of chained lightening to scorching the land with firestorms. Gifted with powers beyond the laws of nature, even time and space are servants to her will in hunting for Devilian Gold.

Devilian Form to Hunt for Devilian Gold

In Devilian form, the Evoker becomes a master manipulator, able to slow enemies with ice spells while creating large chain reactions with explosion spells. She also has the unique ability to teleport short distances, allowing her to bypass obstacles and set up surprise attacks on opponents. It takes finesse to utilize all of the tricks the Evoker has to offer, which makes this the perfect class for strategic players. As a ranged spell-caster, you’ll want to keep your distance from enemies, but your ability to deal wide-scale damage will be unmatched.

As an Evoker, you can pursue skills from three skill trees for better hunting of Devilian Gold:

  • Control Style – Render your opponents immobile. Push them into the path of an oncoming storm. With coordination and timing, this skill tree allows you to reshape entire battlefields.
  • Assault Style – Unleash powerful bursts of elemental damage upon foes. With this tree’s wide range of instant-cast spells, you’ll need to watch your mana and stay quick on your feet.
  • Burst Style – Skills in the Burst tree create chain reactions, damaging multiple enemies at once. Whole armies will crumble beneath the might of these spells.

Devilian Gold Profits

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