Champion Rework for League of Legends Account Users: Shen

Exciting news for League of Legends account users! Shen, the Eye of Twilight has gotten a new Champion rework from Riot recently! He has received an awesome visual update and some tweaks to his skills kit that will surely give him that extra game play edge. This is sure to create a lot of possible new plays and mechanics with this Champion, both in laning (may it be solo or support) and in team fights. Read on below for more information!


Shen’s Visual Update for League of Legends Account Users

Shen’s visuals has been enhanced. Riot has chiseled up his features a bit with the main aim of having him resemble his awesome splash art more. His whole look has been redefined and is now looking great as ever.

Shen’s Reworked Skills and Abilities for League of Legends Account Users

Shen_PassiveKi Barrier

This passive ability gives Shen a temporary shield after using an ability. The shield has a bit long cooldown but is significantly reduced if one of his abilities affects an allied or enemy champion.

Shen_QTwilight Assault

Shen summons his spirit blade that empowers his next three basic attacks to deal damage based on a fraction of his target’s max health. If his spirit blade goes through an enemy champion on its way back to him, Shen deals increased damage and is granted increased attack speed. Additionally, enemies hit by the returning blade will briefly reduce movement speed when they move away from Shen.

Shen_WSpirit’s Refuge

Shen’s spirit blade manifests into a protective barrier that grants Shen and his allies within the area of the blade to be immune to damage from basic attacks for a few seconds.

Shen_EShadow Dash

Passive: Shen recovers a flat fraction of energy whenever he deals damage with Twilight Assault or Shadow Dash.

Active: Still the similar to his original third skill, Shen dashes in a target direction, briefly taunting enemies hit and dealing damage.

Shen_RStand United

Shen teleports to an allied Champion anywhere on the map and briefly shields them from all incoming damage as he channels this ability.

Why the Shen Rework for League of Legends Account Users

Basically, like with other updates and changes, Riot wanted to give Shen a unique edge. He wanted Shen to develop a new way of interaction with his allies and enemies as well by giving them something to think about and watch out for. One thing’s for sure, some pretty amazing and unique plays are now possible with Shen’s new rework.