BnS Gold: Gameguard and Hacking

Sell BnS Gold: Goodguard, Badguard

Gameguard! The most useless anti-hacking program since…. err…. since a baseball bat! It’s fairly one of the most useless programs for MMOs ever and all it does is cause tons of problems on your PC.

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Wai u always lyin

More harm than good, it screws around with a lot of other innocuous 3rd party programs like DXTory, a recording software, and gives buttloads of frame rate issues. Past the game itself, it also tends to eat up more memory than it should just to run, screwing up other programs you may have running in the background of your PC. Not only that, but Gameguard can cause so much problems, you may even end up restarting your PC multiple times just to get it to run properly.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind all the hassles if only it actually did its job. Gameguard was designed, not only to protect the player from hackers, but also to protect the rest of the game from the players. You see, without something such as Gameguard, players could easily bypass the data to and from the game server, enabling them to do crazy hacks such as teleporting, stat hacking, avatar multiplying, and a whole some such cheating nonsense.

Without Gamegua…– Wait, what? This is already happening? Oh, who woulda’ thunk’ it!?

Yes, folks, Gameguard is absolute trash and hasn’t protected the game since Blade and Soul first launched. With each major update that was lifted only from the original, Korean Blade and Soul, the good folks that work on the Gameguard bypass know exactly what to expect and can update for each patch accordingly. This leaves Blade and Soul so vulnerable that it may as well be made of Kleenex about to clean up that hacker spunk.

Buy BnS Gold: The PvP Season’s Problems

Right off the bat, several “players” in the top 10 of this season’s PvP leader are all either bots, hackers, or bot hackers that lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top. It’s a disgusting display of… ugh, I don’t know. It’t just disgusting either way.

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See for yourself what’s in store for you in arena PvP:

PvE is one thing to be flooded by bots and hacks; it’s completely another to have it flow over to PvP at an alarming rate. Sure, there have been tons of bots and hacks in PvP the past season, but none as prevalent as it is today. If this keeps up, Blade and Soul is going to die off real soon, and what use would you have for all that hacked BnS gold?