BnS Gold: A Day Without SSP

Soul Stone Plains dailies are some of the most important dailies in BnS right now. There isn’t an easier and faster way to farm mats for Blade and Soul moonstones provided your faction gets control of SSP in the first place. However, the game’s bot problems have been getting more and more out of hand as the bots have moved on to farming SSP for the bosses and killing opposed-faction NPCs, and, pretty much, just giving everybody in the opposite factions a really bad time.

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BnS Gold: A Joke of an End Game

It’s become such a norm in Blade and Soul that, if you want to have a good time farming for mats end game, you’ve got to roll on the largest faction on your favored server. Going with the underdogs will just screw you over in the SSP dailies due to being always on the losing side of the war.

Frankly, that would have been fine for most folks if only the game were played fairly. Not only do the underdog factions have to contend with huge enemy numbers, but these numbers are cheated by way of hacked bots and multiboxers just in it to win it easy.

Overwhelmed, these players give up on ever finishing their SSP on a daily basis due to the inherent harm that these bots and multiboxers do to the game. Overfarming SSP for Soulstones, Moonwater Transformation Stone mats, and even just some simple BnS gold are becoming impossibilities due to botters and hackers. Bit by bit, the legit players are being pushed out of the fold and, pretty soon, the game’s going to be unplayable.

Like what happened with Silkroad, where bots have free rein on everything, legit players decided to say “screw it” and join in on the botting. It’s now pretty much just Botroad. Will this be the same future that Blade and Soul will have here in the west?

An Iffy Future

One thing is clear; NCSoft, as a whole, isn’t doing anything to alleviate the population of this botting problem. If there’s any future for Blade and Soul, NCWest, as the publisher, and NCSoft, as the developer in Korea, both have to give a crap about what’s happening if they want to keep making a profit from this game. At this rate, even their whales are going to drop off from the game.