BLADE AND SOUL GOLD: Rising Waters Patch Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

blade and soul gold 4

Blade And Soul Gold: Legendary Skills

Besides the BSH4 one, you will have 1 other skills.

1 of them is a “pvp skill” (or that’s what they name it). You get it through 5000 Zen Bean (currency from arena). It is a simple consumable that you eat and then it unlocks an achievement, which unlocks your skill.

Edited out LMB skill as it has been confirmed that it is NOT coming out with this patch

Blade And Soul Gold: Hongmoon Levels

Hongmoon levels are extra level. They are releasing 5 for now. The first one gives 5 skill points, and then every Even levels give you 1 skill point and every Odd level give you 2 skill point.

Here are the EXP required and stat bonus from 1-5 (again, that’s based on other version)

L0-1 requires 0 EXP, grants 500 health, 0 attack, 6 defense, 6 parry, and 8 dodge.

L1-2 requires 750K EXP, grants 566 health, 0 attack, 7 defense, 7 parry, and 9 dodge.

L2-3 requires 900K EXP, grants 641 health, 2 attack, 8 defense, 8 parry, and 11 dodge.

L3-4 requires 1M EXP, grants 726 health, 2 attack, 9 defense, 9 parry, and 12 dodge.

L4-5 requires 1.138M EXP, grants 822 health, 4 attack, 10 defense, 10 parry, and 14 dodge.

When you reach lvl 45, you automatically get to Hongmoon level 1.

Blade And Soul Gold: Miscellaneous

Now onto special recommendation for future contents. (All of this is personal preferences and may be subject to change in NA version. Take for granted at your own risk. Most of it applies to lvl 50 content that has not been announced yet.)

  • Naryu coins. Maybe some of you have been exchanging them to Naryu silver coins already. Maybe not. The spinning wheel outside E.Fleet should be accessible with the release of BSH. That wheel takes multiple currency. Moonwater Valor Stones, Naryu Coins and I dont remember the others. Per my experience, I’ve gambled all my Naryu coins on that wheel and still got more than 1 silver coins per 20 naryu coins in the end. The good thing from that wheel is it can give non-tradeable Brilliant/Sparkling Hexagonal Gems, Naryu Silver coins, Naryu Gold coin and costumes token I believe. Personally I recommend gambling all your Naryu coins there, but that’s up to you.
  • Moonwater Valor Stones; You may have been taking the keys every dailies at 45. Personally I recommend taking the valor stones. You’ll need a lot of them for guild crafting but also for lvl 50 content. Once lvl 50 content comes out, there will be a wheel just like other stones where you can exchange Moonwater stones for a chance at Silverfrost stones. The good thing about Silverfrost stones is that almost every required evolve items (weapon/accessories) are in the silverfrost valor stone shop (They require like 100-200 of them.. but still, they’re there if your rng really sucks).
  • Take this in consideration at your own risk. There is a lot of chances that Pirate Soul wont be implemented in NA Pirate Weapon/Soul; With the release of lvl 50 content, the Siren/Pirate weapon path will be removed from the game. True Profane will evolve directly into lvl 46 weapon and then go on from there. The Pirate weapon, if you have it, has 2 choice. You may either Evolve it later on directly to a lvl 50 weapon (Note that lvl 46-49 weapons have lower stats than Pirate) or you may dismantle it for Pirate Soul (A special item that gives 20 atk power and 15% crit damage). Personally, I recommend building up a 2nd weapon up to True Profane (Or a 2nd Pirate if you’re that rich/patient..). Once your 2nd weapon is equivalent to your pirate, Dismantle it for the pirate soul. I do not recommend doing this before we get a confirmation on Pirate Soul for NA.
  • Soulstones (Credit: insi9nia): Also, farm up all your Soulstones. Come lvl 50 you cant get them off sub-50 faction quests. Made the mistake of skipping them on TW, and weapon upgrades past Oath takes 150ish each.

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