Blade and Soul Gold: Force Master Simple Rotations Guide

Blade and Soul Gold: The Force Master

Using a Force Master in Blade and Soul can be very challenging. Newer players often end up with the wrong rotation especially with the ember autodetonate that annoy people to no end. I’ve listed written below a few simple PvE builds and rotations that will be perfect for new Force Masters to learn and get the hang of until they feel they’re prepared for something more complicated. Please be advised that this guide isn’t permanent and a newer one will be written in the future. This is because the skill trees in today’s NA and EU Blade and Soul are due for an update and a lot more Hongmoon levels will open up a whole slew of other combos.

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Blade and Soul Gold: Common Skills in All Force Master Builds

Inferno, Meteor Shower, Short Fuse, and Windstorm – These are all skills that ALL Force Master builds have in common and are all very indispensable. The builds you have to keep in mind makes Inferno instant cast, Meteor Shower have insane, easy damage, focus recovery from Short Fuse, and Windstorm critical boost while lowering your threat. No matter what the build, these 4 skills are the most important to you and they are skills you have to get absolutely used to casting.

Blade and Soul Gold: Burn-Heavy Spec

This spec is centered on Impact (Force Blast) which causes a burn status effect on an enemy whenever the skill is used with at least 5 stacks of ember on your buff bar. After you start off with Force Blast, Blazing Palm is the next because it increases damage on burning enemies and, at the same time, builds more ember for you to use. Then you have a choice of going through to Dragonchar for a nice AoE rotation or Blazing Beam for extra, single target damage.

So, to summarize, your rotation here would be:

Inferno > Meteor Shower > LMB (5 stacks) > 2 > LMB > 2 > Force Blast > Blazing Palm > Dragonchar or Blazing Beam.

This build has amazing sustained DPS but it lacks in the burst department. But the simple rotation and range makes it a great choice when partying in dungeons.

Stay tuned for next time when I continue with a few more simple builds.